MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor)

Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is the combination of a membrane filtration process with a suspended growth bioreactor. It is a very advanced technology and is now widely used for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plant.
As its name tells, the process makes use of membranes.
The nominal pore size of the membranes is small (up to 0.15μm), by which not only activated sludge but also coliform bacteria and virus can be shut out.
The mixed liquor from the biological treatment can be separated clearly into solid and liquid. It assures almost 100% removal of SS and no carryover of SS into the effluent.
This process, therefore, assures stable treated water quality, which enables the treated water to be reused as reclamation water.Most important aspect of MBR technology is production of very high quality Treated Water consistently:

  • Complete independent control of HRT (Hydraulic Retention Time) and SRT (Sludge Retention Time), which allow more complete reduction of COD, and improved stability of processes such as nitrification
  • Process intensification through high Biomass concentration with MLSS (Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids) over 8000 – 10000 ppm
  • Lower footprint than other technologies