ISBR (Improved Sequencing Batch Reactor)

The number 1 choice for high quality effluent at low capital investment and operating costs using state-of-the-art improved sequencing batch reactor technology.
ISBR has a proven record of performance worldwide. ISBR is the optimum biological process solution for most wastewater treatment problems in domestic, municipal, and industrial plants.
The system has been successfully used for small and medium scale applications, as well as for large scale municipalities.
ISBR is also applicable for use in the modular expansion, retrofit, or upgrading of existing facilities and the pre-treatment of high strength industrial wastes. ISBR process and design features:

  • Bio-selection conditioning zone promotes the formation of floc (necessary for good separation of solids and liquids) whilst inhibiting undesirable filamentous bulking (associated with settling issues) to produce a clear, high quality effluent
  • Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) including nitrification, denitrification and biological phosphorus removal
  • Fewer tanks and up to 30% less footprint than conventional activated sludge treatment systems
  • Highly efficiency aeration minimizes power consumption
  • Minimal equipment makes maintenance easy and operation simple
  • Robust stainless steel effluent decanter ensures long service life and reliability
  • Rectangular, square or circular, and single or multiple basins give operational flexibility
  • From 5,000 gpd to 50+ MGD (200 to 190,000 m3/d)

Following completion of the wastewater treatment plant, an ongoing after-sales service is provided through evaluation and analysis of plant data to ensure that the plant is operating at its optimum performance capability.

In addition, accessing the process control system and SCADA through a web link enables us to provide the client with a remote online monitoring service.